Shame on you (Google translate)

Dear mr President,

Shame on you! That sounds like a small child being scolded. And since you behave like that, that's also an appropriate sentence.

A leader of a free country like the United States represents his or her people. You started with the motto "Let's make America Great again." You can now replace this with "Let's make the Republicans, and only the Republicans" great again. Nothing "America". Only like-minded people deserve your attention and respect.

After four years, you are still not acting like a president but like a little child. A small child who starts to cry in the face of adversity. You don't tolerate criticism, just like-minded yes-men who don't correct you. Because if someone does, they can leave. You think the world can be made, and everything must make way for it.

But take it from me, we all make the world. We need everyone for that: man and woman, republican and democrat, low and high educated, rich and poor. We are the world together.

And you can still lie, cheat and shout so loudly. Ultimately, people will get through you and will triumph over honesty, sincerity, and real leadership.

Let's hope that in four years from both sides two real leaders will emerge to actually make the United States Great again. A country where all residents get fair opportunities. A country that opens up to the world and contributes to the great challenges of the future. Because those challenges concern us all. And then the world is suddenly a small but unique planet in a great universe that we must cherish together.

There is always hope. I can see that in the children I work with on a daily basis. These children are more mature than you do as president. Who have an eye for each other, learn from each other and look into the future together with confidence and with positive ambition. We really don't need people like you for that.

Shame on you!

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